Peter Trumbo

Membership Coordinator,
Christian Leadership Alliance

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I serve as the Membership Coordinator here at Christian Leadership Alliance, and also assist with all things as they relate to tech. If you need assistance with your membership, updating your organization's roster, or might need assistance with navigating this community and/or the Global Digital Experience online conferences, please reach out to me, as I am here to serve your needs!

I enjoy daily Bible reading. Which is such a joy to say, as less than a decade ago I was atheist and couldn't even fathom that thought. But, by God's gift of grace (oh, how Amazing it is), He has redeemed me through faith alone in Christ alone. There is nothing I enjoy more than meditating on His very word with Him. What a privilege we have.

I also enjoy camping and exploring the outdoors. And am an avid reader, (outside of Scripture) I enjoy the literature of the Reformation, the Puritans, and the contemporary Reformed theologians of today. Some of my favorites include the writings of: John Bunyan, John Owen, Samuel Rutherford, Jonathan Edwards, Dr. Martin Lloyd Jones, R.C. Sproul, Elisabeth Elliot, and Dr. James White... though I could list many more. If you have recommendations, I always welcome them.

I am grateful and thank God everyday for each one of you. As together we encourage and build up one another in Christ, to transform the world for Him. I pray you are blessed by this community of Christian Leaders and that you too, may be a blessing to someone here. 

Please let me know how I can be praying for you.


The Master's Seminary
Los Angeles, California, United States

London Reformed Baptist Seminary
London, United Kingdom

Los Angeles Film School
Los Angeles, California, United States

Calvary Chapel Bible College
Jerusalem, Israel