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When I began my tech career, Amazon was still in a garage and the Internet was a new thing (yes, I have that much experience). I’ve only managed to stay and grow in the tech industry because I’m a constant learner, as any CTO/CIO should be. But, I got my start in an unlikely way.

I was a new husband, new father and fresh college graduate when I realized that my BA in English couldn’t put food on the table. So I had to go out and get a job that had nothing to do with my degree. I started out in Sales & Marketing then got into the tech space when a friend introduced me to his boss.

He was having a hard time developing the business processes surrounding his ERP solution. So, I helped him flesh out the business processes and he coded it. I learned tech from the ground up, and I’ve never looked back since then.

I’ve spent the past 25+ years leveraging technology to create solutions that meet the needs of businesses. Solutions that increase quality, efficiency and directly affect the bottomline. Along with my team, these solutions have:

•Increased overall revenue in year one by over $1.5 million
•Realized cost savings of over 26% while enhancing performance & satisfaction by 40%
•Reduced technology spend by over $100K, 30% under budget
•Increased Customer & User support and satisfaction to 100%
•Increased HR productivity by over 50%
• Redesigned the existing SQL order entry system in less than 8 months and below budget by 12% which increased productivity by over 20% and reduced development costs by $25,000

My not-so secret tool? I’ve seen that a people first approach is really what scales a company. Processes and technology are just there to make the team more efficient and perform at their best. Let’s chat if you’d like to know more about my expertise and the solutions I implemented to get the results above.

At the end of the day, my endeavor is not to be a manager. It is to be a servant leader. Kindness, understanding and active listening first and always. Only then can we get the job done right.