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What I'm most proud of in my career and life, and what I feel brings the most honor and glory to the King is the way I have loved and cared for people along the way. Aside from serving people, you should also know that I get things done!

With 27 years of experience providing excellent technical and operation support both domestically and internationally, I have had many opportunities and challenges that have shaped the what, why and how I do things. My 12+ years of management experience leading a highly skilled technical team has allowed me to focus on improving policies, processes and interdepartmental communication. A focus on staff training and mentoring is important as I seek to develop leaders. I enjoy pulling together the right people to find solutions and optimize workflows. I strive for excellence in everything that I do, always with a servant attitude. I am a "doer" and "get it done" kind of person. My desire is to always be growing and stretching myself. I find great joy and satisfaction in my work. I am focused on making a difference, improving the process and exceeding expectations! I love cultivating relationships! I'm here to do meaningful work!